Wonders of Northern-Central Mongolia

You will explore Forest-Khangai Mountains of Central Mongolia and visit to the Khuvsgul Lake, which is surrounded by lash green forested mountains, visit ancient capital city Kharkhorum, Erdenezuu and Amarbayasgalant Buddhist monastries and Khustai National Park in order to see reintroduced wild horse TAKHI. 

Wonders of Northern-Central Mongolia

12 days / 11 nights

    Tour itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar 
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel. After checking-in to the hotel, we will do a short city tour including Chinggis Square, Chinggis Khaan Monument, National Museum, Gandan Monastery and Zaisan Hill for panoramic view of the city. Before having dinner, we will enjoy Mongolian traditional folklore concert and after dinner we will return to the hotel and stay overnight.
Day 2 Amarbayasgalant Monastery
Drive to Amarbayasgalant Monastery. It is the most beautiful and well preserved old monastery in northern Mongolia. The main factor that makes this monastery amazing is that its architecture of the temple that is constructed without a single iron nail, everything is built based on wooden block puzzles. Overnight at tourist GER camp.
Day 3 Uran Togoo Volcano
Drive to Uran Togoo Volcano through Erdenet city which was built under a soviet inspired master plan in the ’70s for hosting the copper miners. Erdenet Copper Mine plays an important role in Mongolian economy and it consists around 30 percent of annual GDP. Uran Togoo is one of the oldest dead volcanos in Mongolia. Overnight at tourist GER camp.
Day 4 Khuvsgul Lake
Long drive to Khuvsgul Lake. Khuvsgul Lake is dubbed as the Mongolian Switzerland. It is surrounded with lash green forest mountains and is the second deepest lake in Central Asia. Also it contains 1% of fresh water resource of the world. Overnight at tourist GER camp.
Day 5 Khuvsgul Lake
Visit Tsaatan family also known as reindeer people located approximately 50kms from our camp site and it takes 2 and a half hour of driving to get there. Depends on the season, sometimes these families move on to remote area for their reindeers. Mostly there will be two families which are Tsaatan people (reindeer herder) and Shamans. Overnight at tourist GER camp
Day 6 Zuun Lake
Drive back to Murun town and visit local black market. Continue driving to Zuun Lake. Enjoy walking around the lake. Overnight at tourist GER camp
Day 7 Khorgo National Park
Drive to Khorgo National Park. Arrive in Khorgo national park. Overnight at tourist GER camp. Enjoying nearby White Lake or also known as Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and volcanic mountain which is over 2000m above sea level. Visit to Cave of the Yellow Dog, Ice cave and Zaluuchuud cave etc. Overnight at tourist GER camp
Day 8 Tsenkher Hot Springs
Drive down to Chuluut river great canyon where there is huge creation of volcanic earthquake and Taikhar Rock. Drive to Tsenkher Hot spring which is located 1860m above sea level in Khangai Mountain Ranges. Arrive in tourist Ger camp and have a bath in hot spring pool. Overnight at tourist GER camp 
Day 9 Kharkhorum
Drive to Kharkhorum. It was built in 1220 and was the capital of Mongolia for 140 years. In 1388, it was largely destroyed. Visit to Erdenezuu Buddhist Monastery which was founded in 1586 at the Kharkhorum city ruin. It was the first and the biggest Buddhist center in Mongolia in 17th century. The monastery complex is surrounded by 400x400m walls with 108 stupas. Early 20th century there was more than 100 temples and over thousand lamas used to serve. The monastery was sacked during the purges of 1937. Nowadays, only one temple holds religious activity and rest works as a museum.
Overnight at tourist GER camp
Day 10 Khustai National Park
Drive to Khustai National park. Khustai National park was protected in 1993 to conserve biodiversity and facilitate the re-introduction to the wild horse or known as Przewalski horse (Takhi). See the wild horses. Besides TAKHI you can see many wild animals including wild sheep Argali, wolf, red deer. Overnight at tourist GER camp 
Day 11 Ulaanbaatar
Drive to Ulaanbaatar and visit to Bogd Khaan Palace museum and free time for shopping and for relax. Have a farewell dinner. Overnight at hotel 
Day 12 Departure 
Check out hotel. Transfer to airport. Departure

Wonders of Northern-Central Mongolia

12 days / 11 nights


  • Hotel**** in Ulaanbaatar for 2 nights
  • Tourist GER camp in countryside for 9 nights
  • All transportation during whole trip
  • English speaking guide
  • Full board during the trip
  • Sightseeing and National park entrance fee as mentioned in the program
  • One hour horse riding in Khuvsgul Lake
  • 1L bottled mineral water per person per day

Wonders of Northern-Central Mongolia

12 days / 11 nights


  • Insurance
  • International transport
  • Beverages
  • Any additional program which is not mentioned above
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    Classic tours

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    12 days / 11 nights

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