Camel trekking in Gobi desert

Description: Mongolian camel riding is Wonderful. Ride the two humped Bactrian camels and discover to Mysterious Gobi Mongolia. These Camel trekkers will visit the most spectacular places in Southern Gobi region. Locations Visited: Khongor sand dunes, Gobi, Kharakorum, Khustai National park, etc...

Camel trekking in Gobi desert

12 days/11 nights

    Tour itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
Arrive at Chinggis Khaan International Airport and check in hotel *(the hotel check in and out time is 12.00 so please be sure the early check in not guaranteed if there are rooms available we could do it for you) free for leisure. After lunch short sightseeing; visit Ulaanbaatar city’s biggest Gandan Monastery, Main Square Sukhbaatar and Chinggis Khan’s Monument, National History Museum and see Mongolian traditional performance. Welcome dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 2 Dalanzadgad - Yoliin Am 
Flight to Dalanzadgad town of center of South Gobi province. Drive to Yoliin am- Vulture gorge of Gurvan saihan mountain range (Three beauties Range). It is end of the Altai mountain ranges and chance to see wild animals such as wild sheep, ibex, condor, golden eagle and of course Vultures. Overnight at Tourist Ger camp.
Day 3 Khongor sand dune
Drive to Khongor sand dunes. Khongor is one of the biggest sand dunes of Mongolia. It has an extra ordinary length of 180kms and 15-20 meters wide. There is an oasis near a river Khongor at the northern edge of the sand dunes. Overnight at tourist ger camp.
Day 4-6 Great camel trekking on the sand dune
3 days of Camel trekking, among the sand dunes and Mountains gorge, Oasis. It is great adventure trekking. During the trip you can visit Camel breeder local family. Overnight at tent camp. Daily ride a camel around 25-30 kms by 3-4 hours.
Day 7 Bayanzag 
Drive to Bayanzag-Flaming cliffs. Bayanzag is famous for dinosaur remains-complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs. Visit to Dinosaur fossils found area. If you see carefully, you could find piece of bone or dinosaur egg. Afternoon visit Gobi tree-saxaul tree forest. Overnight at tourist ger camp.
Day 8 Ongi temple ruin 
Drive up to Ongi temple ruin. It was one of the Mongolian biggest 7 temples. There are 2 temple ruins which were built up in 1780s. After people’s revolution in 1921, these two temples destroyed and lamas (monks) were killed. If you get up early, you will have a great chance to see some wild animals such as wild sheep, wolf etc. Overnight at tourist ger camp.
Day 9 Kharkhorum 
Drive to Kharakhorum. The Kharakhorum city was established in 1220 and was the capital of Mongolia for 140 years. In 1388, it was largely destroyed. Erdenezuu was erected up in 1586 at the Kharakhorum city ruin. It is Mongolian first and the biggest Buddhist center. You can see unique works of Zanabazar, first Leader of Mongolian Buddhism. Overnight at tourist ger camp.
Day 10 Khustai National Park
Drive to Khustai National park. Khustai National park was protected in 1993 to conserve biodiversity and facilitate the re-introduction to the wild horse, Przewalski horse (Takhi). See the wild horses. Also you can see the small sand dune Moltsog els in the forest zone. Overnight tourist Ger camp.
Day 11 Ulaanbaatar
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and check in hotel. Shopping and folklore concert** Dinner and transfer to hotel.
Day 12 Departure
Check out from hotel and transfer to Chinggis Khan International Airport for departure. End of the tour.

Camel trekking in Gobi desert

12 days/11 nights


  • Accommodation in 4 stars hotel for twin sharing bed for 2nights
  • Tourist GER camp stay for 6 nights
  • Tent camping for 3 nights
  • All local transportation by Japanese van with fuel and driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Full board during the trip
  • Camel with guide
  • National park entrance fee or other taxes during the trip
  • City tour and sightseeing

Camel trekking in Gobi desert

12 days/11 nights


  • Travel insurance
  • International transportation
  • Beverages
  • Any additional cost which is not mentioned above.
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    Adventure tours

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    12 days/11 nights

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