Bat Tour Travel Agency is the major tour operating team in Mongolia
since 1998. As an experienced, rising tour operator we are willing to be responsible,
professional and well oriented. Since we started tourism business we had concentrated
on satisfaction and safety of the clients more than everything.

We offer the following tours and expeditions:
  • Horse trek through the historic Orkhon valley

  • Camel trek through the dunes of Gobi Desert

  • Motorcycle trip across the steppe

  • Jeep tours through Chinggis Khaan's birth place

  • History and cultural discovery tour in Karakorum

Smile of our hundreds of guests have been the most important value of the
company. We would like to invite you, encourage you and appeal you to exploring,
experiencing and discovering Mongolia with us.
The hospitality of the nomads and the beauty of the nature bring travelers back year
 by year to discover more of the country and take home more memories.
We committed
to providing clients with a high quality travel experience at a reasonable price.
 Bat tour team, we are welcome to arrange hotels and guesthouses,
GER camps (traditional nomadic round felt house) & lodges, tent camping, guide,
interpreter, or transportation services, and air & train ticketing.

We are very happy to serve you and look forward to seeing you in Mongolia.