Gobi Discovery tourist camp, South gobi province

This is the perfect location for nature-lovers and one of 33 desserts in Mongolia. Also there are very unique and interesting destinations such as Valley of Yol, Khongor’s sand, Bayanzag and Hollows of Khermen tsav in the around of the camp and you have amazing chance to be in land of legend, native land of dinosaurs and zone of sandy mountain & vast beautiful steppe.

  • The Gobi Discovery  - 1 located in Gobi dessert in Southern Mongolia and is 553 km from Ulaanbaatar.
  • The Gobi Discovery  - 2 is located 195 km from the Gobi Discovery  - 1. It is near the Khongor sand dunes and Khongor river. The camp can serve up to sixty guests at a time.

The Resort's restaurant 

The restaurant offers a Mongolian traditional and Asian, European cuisines as a lunch and dinner.

Camp Service
• Honey moon trip
• Photo safari trip
• Horse riding
• Camel trip

Visit to herdsmen

We offer the following tours and expeditions:
  • Horse trek through the historic Orkhon valley

  • Camel trek through the dunes of Gobi Desert

  • Motorcycle trip across the steppe

  • Jeep tours through Chinggis Khaan's birth place

  • History and cultural discovery tour in Karakorum