Esencia Restaurant

Athematic nine course dinner with six matched wines and single seating nightly. A little West of the hustle and bustle of the city centre on Peace Avenue near the junction with Narnii Road (Narny Zam) we were lucky to find this restaurant. Esencia is new but already provides service and food to make the more central established places have to pick up their heels. It's not exceptional, but for those prices you can't expect it to be. My pan fried duck was a little overdone, as was my wife's Khovsgol Lake fish, but everything was well presented and tasted good.

The staff were all attentive in this place (not too common yet in Mongolia unfortunately) and the atmosphere was welcoming. Most nights they have live music and we were fortunate to be there when an excellent jazz group was playing (singer, piano, bass, drums). During their breaks the background music was also relaxing.

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