ASHIHAI TOURIST CAMP, Khovsgol province

Ashihai tourist camp is welcoming you to stay in gers, where you can experience authentic nomads setting and a balance of comfortable living. Our camp is located in Huvsgul province, known as Mongolian Switzerland. It is built on the beautiful cape of the western shore of Lake Huvsgul, surrounded by majestic Khangai Mountains. The camp is running its business since 2006.We are proud of our friendly service, quality food, enthusiastic management and motivated team.

Services and facilities

  • Wood - carved and hand - painted 20 gers
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Reception
  • Restaurant: bar desk, internet
  • Shower, sauna and massage
  • 24 - hour electricity
  • Laundry
  • Folklore (throat singing - hoomii, shaman dance, contortion and traditional long song)
  • Optional daily hiking and excursions accompanied by a local guide

What can you do there

A day and overnight tours are designed for your choice and these can be extended upon your interest. Except from exploring the natural wonders, you are contributing to conservation of nature and environment as well as livelihood of local community.

  • - Horse riding
  • - Yak riding
  • - Reindeer riding
  • - Hiking
  • - Biking
  • - Motor boat to the islands in the middle of Huvsgul lake
  • - Visit Nomad Family
  • - Visit Tsaatan Family

We also organize special interest tours such as fishing with local guide.

We offer the following tours and expeditions:
  • Horse trek through the historic Orkhon valley

  • Camel trek through the dunes of Gobi Desert

  • Motorcycle trip across the steppe

  • Jeep tours through Chinggis Khaan's birth place

  • History and cultural discovery tour in Karakorum